Conces has been specializing in technical services for the roots blowers, centrifugal blowers and turbo blowers since 1998. Our own technical back-up guarantees proper regeneration of the rotary blowers of mechanical sizes of DN 600. We have the right technical equipment for horizontal and vertical transport, machining and specialized tooling. 
We are the representative of: two roots blowers manufacturers Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems and Pedro Gil, centrifugal blowers Continental Industrie SAS and Namwon Turboone INC. 
In our offer there are blowers for all branches of economy. From blowers to aeration of biological reactors in sewage treatment plants to complex aggregates adapted to pressurize and compress gas mixtures containing dangerous and aggressive gases in their composition. The rotary blowers offered by Conces feature a compact design that allows the blowers to be positioned side-by-side.


Our expertise and close co-operation with blower producers enable us to build low pressure compressor units for individual industrial projects. Our construction solutions are dedicated to power, chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical, cement-lime, wood, paper and food industries. We build compressor units designed to work in explosion hazard zones designated as II 2 G and II 2 D.


The Conces team has not changed for more than a dozen years and is well versed in roots blowers, gas pumping, and the best technical solutions for optimal blower operation.

Our experience has been appreciated by many clients from the European Union and beyond. We perform servicing, commissioning and regeneration of roots blowers for manufacturers of pressure and vacuum systems.


Our mission is to delivery the low pressure compressors for the transfer of various gases and to provide technical services related to the operation of these devices. The most important is to care for the right choice of technology of our services, so as to fully meet the requirements of our customers while taking care of the principles of mutual cooperation and the environment. In order to guarantee the best quality, efficient and modern customer service, documentation, technology information and detailed scope of work, we will make it available to every customer.

This is what our Clients expect


We perform technical diagnostics of roots blowers and centrifugal blowers based on the measurement of basic technical parameters: clearance between rotor, clearance between rotor and blower case, vibration of unit and electric motor. This diagnostic allows you to determine the mechanical condition of the unit and develop a timetable for further action. We offer all technical services for end users of blowers from Aerzen, Anlet, Baratti, Continental Industrie, Finder, Gardner Denver, Hibon, Kaeser, Lutos, Mapner, Namwon Turboone, Pedro Gil, Robuschi, Spomax, Tuthill and many more.

Our technical teams are equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and tooling to maximize the working time and get optimal results. The technical reviews and diagnostics we perform in a fair manner describe the technical condition of the blowers.

We restore the factory properties


Conces has technical facilities to ensure the proper regeneration of mechanical components of blowers with mechanical sizes up to DN 600. We have the right technical equipment for horizontal and vertical transport, machining and special equipment. We regenerate bearing seats, shaft shafts, rotors, straighten rotors and shafts. We use the latest technology to guarantee the highest quality of our services. We regenerate blowers from Aerzen, Baratti, Continental Industrie, Finder, Gardner Denver, Hibon, Kaeser, Lutos, Mapner, Pedro Gil, Robuschi, Spomax, Tuthill and many more.

Conces is the manufacturer of spare parts and components for various brand roots blowers. Our technology and material and quality tests carried out in an accredited research laboratory allowed us to achieve the highest technical specifications of our products. We also make seals used in gas-tight blowers operating in explosive areas.

Professional pumps and roots blowers. Units built according to individual projects designed for process gas installations.

Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems

Oil-free turbo blowers with air bearings and permanent-magnet synchronous motor PMSM built on modern technology.

Namwon Turboone INC

Roots blowers and roots pumps are ideal replacements for other manufacturers. Complete units of roots blowers and roots pumps.

Pedro Gil

Professional pumps and centrifugal blowers. Packages built according to individual projects designed for pneumatic installations and process gases.

Continental Industrie SAS

Vacuum pumps and high vacuum units for industry and medical facilities.

Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems

Spares for pneumatic and hydraulic equipment.

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