EST. 1998

Authorised distributor of turbocompressors with foil air berings.


Partnering with customers in the power, chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical, cement and lime, wood, paper and food industries has resulted in deliveries of units and systems for a wide range of applications, including for II 2 G and II 2 D zones.


For over 20 years, with our assistance our customers modernised their plants and technologies, raising the level of technological excellence to keep pace with a rapidly changing world.

Mission Statement

Introducing global markets to state of the art blower technologies ensuring environmental sustainability. 

This is what our Clients expect


By implementing a modern machinery management system, you will achieve lower compressed air production costs and reduced maintenance and/or repairs downtime. End users of the following blower manufacturers have taken advantage of this and reduced operating and maintenance costs: Aerzen, Anlet, Baratti, Continental Industrie, Finder, Gardner Denver, Hibon, Kaeser, Lutos, Mapner, Namwon Turboone, Pedro Gil, Robuschi, Spomax, Tuthill, MD-Kinney and many others.

We restore to factory parameters


Responsible machinery management guarantees control of costs generated by repairs, purchases of spare parts and losses resulting from downtime. Users who have trusted us and decided to outsource the repairs and reconditioning to us, received blowers ready for prolonged operations with factory technical parameters in place. Co-operation based on solving technical problems and selection of the best technology for a given application guarantees lower costs of reconditioning and repairs.

For more information don't hesitate to contact us. 

The Conces engineering team will take on difficult projects where the client demands individual approach and unique design solutions for troublesome undertakings. Our projects include the design and delivery of entire roots blower units to include sound proof casings, piping systems, electrical equipment and steering systems. These projects are usually dedicated to conveying of gases, powder material and aeration, meeting Zone II 2G and II 2 D requirements.

Conces offers oil-free turbo blowers with air foil bearings and permanent-magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) built on state of the art technology. For new investments we offer energy saving and environmentally friendly blowers dedicated for aeration and pneumatic conveying. We participate in waste water treatment projects with the aim of reducing energy consumption, noise, costs of maintenance and oil or grease wastes.

Namwon Turboone INC

Pedro Gil blowers and vacuum pumps are suitable replacements for bare shafts of other manufacturers. Conces offers roots vacuum pumps and complete units of roots blowers dedicated to pneumatic conveying and aeration. These units are modern and well-build, offering highly effective sound proof casings.

Pedro Gil

Professional pumps and centrifugal blowers. Packages built according to individual projects designed for pneumatic installations and process gases.

Continental Industrie SAS

Vacuum pumps and high vacuum units for industry and medical facilities.

Spares for pneumatic and hydraulic equipment.

Mintor S.r.l

 Professional vacuum pumps and units. Units built to customised design.

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